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Latest Posts from the General Forum

  • Hello members, It is Caroline Bruister, Community Manager from OpenGov. I am very excited to share this preview with you and get your feedback. I have worked in state government, nonprofits and actually joined OpenGov specifically to start the Community! ...

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  • Hi All, Wanted to make sure everyone had one last chance to sign up for our Webinar tomorrow morning (10am Pacific) on "OpenGov for Counties: Performance and Budgeting." Hear from a panel of customers and OpenGov'ers on how OpenGov can be utilized to ...

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  • Happy Tuesday, Community! Chances are, your organization has guiding Strategic Initiatives used to create your budget.  If you have those Initiatives set up in our Strategic Initiative tab, you can link those initiatives to specific Line Items in your ...

  • Hey everyone! I would love to share my experience coming to OpenGov right out of college. From your perspective, what are some of the challenges and successes you've seen in recruiting millennials into the public sector? Thanks, ------------------------------ ...

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  • Don't miss out on the Community Update Call this Wednesday with folks like @Mark Day @Maria Zuniga @Robert Zunino @Josee Young @James Van Bruggen   @Amy Carlson @Catherine Boland @Dannette Allen @Vanessa Green @barbara bittick ​​​​​! ...


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